▀ (2) weareallfuckingawesome said, "Heey, I have a (probably stupid) question, but how do I get lines to be so clean and straight when drawing digitally? I use ps cs2 and a mouse cause I don't have a tablet, are there some magic settings that I don't know of? :D (I have NO idea haha) cause when I try doing lineart or something it looks like straight out of paint haha. also, of course, I looove your art!:) -itisasnogbox"

oh thank you that you trust me enough to answer your question ahaha ;v; I am currently using an ipad to draw but yes, I have also experienced that in the past especially when I first started in digital art…

well here are some tips/guides that I can share based on what I experienced and what I know :) I’m not really a pro at these things but I hope these somehow helps ;v;
- check the brush settings in PS, try using a softer brush setting first if you have a hard time using a thicker brush (but not the soft airbursh type)

- if the lines have hard/pixelated edges, try checking if it’s set on brush or on pencil (because paint usually have pixelated lines/strokes)

- or use a bigger canvas resolution (around at least 600-800+ pixels)

- if you’re like me, I usually use a consistent-stroke brush and usually on a 100% hardness (the most opaque one) they come out cleaner if they are bigger in size and especially on a large size canvas (e.g. like 5-10 pixel size brush on a 1000+ pixels canvas) because those little jagged lines are usually zoomed out thus becoming less visible :)

- try practicing consistent strokes :) as much as possible, practice to draw your strokes/lines faster to avoid the usual shakiness of the hand (that leads to those little jagged lines) if you can…. this is usually where the tablet really helps the most (more consistent strokes)

- you can also try pen tool :) tho it’s still hard to use at first ^^;

hehe these are just some tips I can share and remember ^^ don’t be afraid and hesitate to ask for other help~ and I hope this somehow help you heehee thank you and have a nice day uvu~ 💕

1. my notebook and pencil (where I draw them sketches and drafts) and my ipad (for digitalizing the sketches)~ and yes, I haven’t used any PC program (Photoshop) for drawing ever since my laptop (kinda) broke and lag :) …. I think, almost all of my FT drawings are drawn on ipad ^^

2. prepare yourself here is my HUGE list of things inside my pencil case haha!
- 8 staedler pencils
- 3 G-techs
- 2 ballpoint pens (red & blue)
- 3 other pencils
- 1 blue color pencil
- 2 scissors (I don’t know why I need/have 2 tho)
- 2 sharpies (pink & black)
- 5 mechanical pencils
- 2 pens 🌱❤️
- 2 highlighters
- 1 compass
- 1 correction tape
- 1 unipin (0.5)
- 1 (mechanical) eraser refill
- 2 paper clip (the alice & pikachu one :D)
- 1 magic tape
- 1 bent metal paper clip
- a popped heart balloon (it contains the messages my friends gave me last valentines but it popped ): )

3. answered :)

8. still working on it ;D

7. haha digital (drawn with Ipad) and traditional version ;v;

3. answered :)

and thank you sooooo much that you like my art 😊💕

3. ahahaha I was bored and then this happened XD btw, this is a wip sketch for a request :)

15. well, I’m not really sure if these are actual artist behaviors but….they are pretty unusual ahahaha
- I usually bring with me at least a notebook/paper and a pen/pencil wherever I go (sometimes even when just going to the mall) ahaha
- I can’t help but sketch whenever I feel inspired even on a piece of reciept or a tissue :)
- I watch shows usually only to use their clothes / and other things as drawing references hehe
- plusssss I can’t help doodling on almost everything XD like textbooks and on my notes :))) but I don’t do vandalism maybeee, oh welp, rarely ahaha

▀ (3) fullnote said, "Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly and then send it to 10 of your favorite followers. Thinking good thoughts about yourself is hard but it will make you feel better so give it a go, for the sake of spreading positivity."

again sorry for such late response ;3; BUT THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS 💕💕💕 so…..here we goooo :D

1. I’m friendly and approachable, so don’t be afraid to talk to me ^^
2. I’m creative and imaginative :)
3. my friends say I have a bubbly and fun personality~
4. they think I’m…… cute? maybe because of my height ahaha
5. well, and lastly…. I may not be the best, but I always try my best to give you the best and to be the very best! OvO

thank you uvu~

▀ (1) axlorg89 said, "Old art but if Kinana was in the FT girl as Eeveelutions, which one would she be?"

AHHHH SO SORRY FOR LATE RESPONSE ;3; but probably espeon…. uhhh I don’t know why tho I just feel it’s more close to her ahahaha XD ;v;

haha yes! I’ll finally be answering some questions :) so sorry if your messages are already like more than a month old because my inbox is slowly piling up (personal messages + requests) but hey! I already read them before and so today I’ll be answering them…. here we go~ 😄

*btw, I’m currently using mobile so I can’t use gif and can’t use tags :(((( sorry * cries*

HELLO~ THANK YOU SO MUCH ANON AND CONYO ANON THAT YOU LIKE MY ART (/;3;)/ this was soooo late because of school works but still this was SOOO FUN! Hope you like it~ 💕

lostrollingpotato said, "Hello there :3 When I joined the Fairy Tail fandom, I just waited for the next season to come out. Even though I did have the manga for some of them, I didn't and still don't have the ones that haven't yet been animated. I just want to know if it's better to wait for it to all be animated, or If I should read the manga. What should I do?"

oh hello there :) that’s an interesting question~ well, in my honest opinion I think reading the manga is much better because…
- it’s the original story (thus canon)
- some things in the manga are not in the anime
- ^ some part/scenes of the manga are usually edited/changed/removed in the anime (usually for general audiences)
- you’ll be way ahead/updated with the fandom :D
- it’s more exciting to wait for the next chapters since you’ll never know what’ll happen, there could be endless possibilities :D plus trollshima
- new manga chapters are out online every week, like anime episodes are out every week… so waiting is almost the same
- sometimes the published manga/s volumes have special content and omake~ so make sure to check it out in the manga volumes ^^

but anime is good too because…
- it’s animated!
- sometimes anime episodes are compiled manga chapters (usually 2-3 chapter in one episode) thus more part of the story in one sitting :D
- it’s nice to watch the filler episodes too
- (for the dubbed) less reading :))) loljk ;P

… if that’s not too troublesome for you tho :)
- you’ll get to compare the anime and manga differences
- you have the chance to know the next story/part in the anime if ever you want more ;) especially if it’s a manga chapter based episode
- you’ll be updated with the new content in the fandom! anime AND manga ^o^

ahahaha hope it helps~ and hope you have fun reading and watching fairy tail :)

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